HomeBuyer Report

HomeBuyer ReportHomeBuyer Report is the briefer of the two surveys, quoted by the RICS as, “giving factual information on significant aspects of the condition of the property, usually a home, to the prospective purchaser.”

The HomeBuyers Report identifies defects which we consider urgent or of significant importance and likely to affect the value of the property. The HomeBuyers Report also provides a market valuation and building insurance reinstatement figure.

Visible defects are identified, such as the presece of rising damp, rot attack, woodworm, cracks in the structure etc. However, the testing of services is not covered ie. electrics, central heating etc, although a report on visible condition is given. If required the survey can incorporate an energy survey and testing of services at an additional cost.

The HomeBuyers Report replaced the HomeBuyers Survey and Valuation and was designed to be a user friendly report with the minimum of technical jargon. The most significant change on the HomeBuyers Report was the introduction of colour coded ‘Condition Ratings’ sometimes referred to as the ‘Traffic Lights System’.

The surveyor must rate each element of the property for the HomeBuyers Report using one of the following ratings:

HomeBuyers Report Condition Rating 1 – No repair is currently needed.

HomeBuyers Report Condition Rating 2 – Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent.

HomeBuyers Report Condition Rating 3 – Defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently.

The HomeBuyers Report is perfect for providing you with detailed information on the most urgent or serious issues with your potential purchase. When you receive your HomeBuyers Report the potential defects of your property will be highlighted, so this means you’ll be able to judge the value of your purchase in line with any budget you may need for future works.

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